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The Bead Menagerie

For those of you who don't already know, Joan has finally got the Bead Menagerie up and running. Luke and I were fortunate enough to have the full tour from Joan herself, and of course I had my camera in hand. Enjoy –

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Located on Maple Avenue in Zanesville, Ohio.

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We're all very excited about this moment in our lives.

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I'm holding my excitement in.

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Umbilical cord purses from the Victorian era and fuzzy necklaces for an evening out are just a few of the treasures you can find at the Bead Menagerie.

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Joan walks us through all the different styles of beads she has for sale.

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I strongly suggest you all take a weekend off work and head on down to get yourself some beads. You don't know what you might find!

rock a little
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Get the 'eff' outta here...

and in other news, is that beef jerky?
It's actually a tube full of beads.

rock a little
bead jerky. i will address this in a future post...
what in the fuck!! well good for joan.
Life is suddenly so complete.
Joan would want it that way.

rock a little
what the fuck, ive been doing my own bead work for ...a few months now..wow..talk about ironic?

Wow joan finally got a real sign up...good for her:)

Was Teresa(sp?) there when you went...that lady is a bit much.......